Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NEPOSLUŠNI - prva kritika

Ugledni časopis ScreenDaily objavio je prvu kritiku "Neposlušnih" Mine Đukić koji su juče imali svoju premijeru na Sandensu. Kritika je izuzetno pozitivna, između ostalog ističe fotografiju Đorđa Arambašića i naglašava da je Mina Đukić talenat na kog treba obratiti pažnju,

"Writer/director Mina Đukić ‘s feature debut The Disobedient (Neposlusni) is a lush and lyrical tale, rich in its presentation of tantalising pastoral romance set against a beautiful sunbaked landscape.
The film, which premiered in the world dramatic section at the Sundance Film Festival, has aspirations to be a magical tale of love and longing, and while it succeeds for large sections, its lead pair of young would-be lovers are never quite as charismatic as the film thinks they are.But there is much to enjoy in this beautifully shot film – much credit should go to Đorđe Arambasić’s stunning cinematography – and director Đukić is clearly a talent to watch. (...)
Mina Đukić’s thoughtfully constructed film is nicely performed, and she makes great use of the cinematography, design and a playful score to help present a rich and vivid picture of bucolic romantic bliss set against the realisation that it is hard to recapture childhood relationships."

Izvor: Screen Daily

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